ASIAN IDOL – 15 – 16 Dis Jakarta

Asian Idol is an upcoming version of the singing competition format, Pop Idol, featuring winners of idol competitions from six Asian countries consisting of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. The winner will be awarded an international recording contract and a free trip around the world to watch international Idol shows.

It is set to be held on December 15 to 16, 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. ¬†Indonesia’s largest TV station, RCTI (which also hosts Indonesian Idol), will be the main TV station with the competition being broadcast live in the participating countries although problems with time zone difference are being discussed.

It will be hosted by Amelia Natasha and Daniel Mananta, both from Indonesian Idol.

Each participating country will have its own system of determining its representative.

As a kickoff to Asian Idol, all six contestants will be introduced through an Idol Showcase presentation on December 8, 2007. Meanwhile, fans of each contestant will be able to choose the song they want their Idol to perform before the Asian Idol performance show. The Idols will perform two songs each–one in English and another in their native language.

In addition to the coverage of Asian Idol, RCTI will run a series of features called Asian Idol Extra between late November to mid-December 2007.

Every competing country will send a judge to serve as the contestants’ critics, but unlike in usual Idol shows only three judges will comment on each performer due to time constraints.

Special guests in the program include American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian and Indian Idol judge Alisha Chinai.

The Results Show will also feature performances by Rivermaya, Peterpan, and Agnes Monica.

The production of Asian Idol will be put up with the help of the production crew from Australian Idol.


* Indonesian Idol – Mike Mohede, Season 2 Winner
* Indian Idol – Abhijeet Sawant, Season 1 Winner
* Malaysian Idol – Jaclyn Victor, Season 1 Winner
* Philippine Idol – Mau Marcelo, Season 1 Winner
* Singapore Idol – Hady Mirza, Season 2 Winner
* Vietnam Idol – Phuong Vy, Season 1 Winner

SuperStar KZ, the Idol franchise of Kazakhstan, was included in the lineup but failed to send a representative.


* Indonesia – Indra Lesmana
* India – Anu Malik
* Malaysia – Paul Moss
* Philippines – Pilita Corrales
* Singapore – Ken Lim
* Vietnam – Siu Black

Participating TV networks

* Indonesia – RCTI
* India – Sony TV
* Malaysia – 8TV
* Philippines – ABC
* Singapore – MediaCorp TV Channel 5
* Vietnam – HTV9

Voting procedures

There are several differences in voting and tabulation between Asian Idol and other Idol shows. Unlike the latter wherein the viewers get to vote for one contestant, the voting procedure for Asian Idol requires viewers to vote for two favorite Idols, thus allowing contestants to receive votes aside from their respective countries.

As consideration on population size among the participating countries, tabulation of votes are done through an “Equal and Even Cumulative Method”, wherein the total votes of each country are converted into percentages. The winner will be determined through 50% viewers’ votes and 50% judges’ scores.

sumber : WIKI


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  1. Jo Juan says:

    Mike is the best, altough Joy is the amazing

  2. Kerem Saygin says:

    Blogunuzu Googleda arama yaparken buldum. Gercekten cok iyi bir is cikarmissiniz. Bundan sonrada sik sik blogunuzu takip etmeye calisacagim.

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